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Crystal Image have specialized in various Software Developement Systems

Accounting Software

SPPAC is the custom software developed for accounting purpose

Sky Browser

Sky Browser is the software develped specially for the automation of Digital Color Labs. It is being successfully deployed in various Color Labs accross the country.

Food Plus

This software is customised software for billing and tracking in Restaurants & Lounge Bars


This Software serves as an online customer management for various kinds of organizations.

Invent Plus

This software is customised software for developed for keeping track of inventories through the utilization of Bar Code Technology

Time & Attendance Software

SLNATT is the software developed for keeping track of the employee through utilization of password, Access Controllers & Biometric System.


SolarWinds is rewriting the rules for how companies manage their networks. Guided by a global community of network engineers, SolarWinds develops simple and powerful software for managing networks, small or large. Our company culture is defined by passion for innovation and a philosophy that network management can be simplified for every environment.

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